Do you need to move on? Have you been let go? Do you feel stuck? What do you do next? What do you do first? How do you even begin to think differently? I help women reframe and rewrite their narratives so they move forward with confidence to their next, best opportunity with their most important quality intact: their value! Read more

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Robin Merle is an expert in:

Being a voice for women removed from high-status positions

Being a leader among women professionals

Navigating professional politics

Being a board member

Building and turning around nonprofits

Empowering philanthropists for social impact

Breaking barriers as a minority in a male-dominated culture

Using humor to bring people together

Energizing women to own their value and identity

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Fan Favorite Topic Examples

The Loyalists’ Guide to Betrayal

For senior-level professional women who have been marginalized or let go and are looking for models of resilience and empowerment; for women who are looking to balance their personal and corporate identities.

How Can I Tell if I’m Being Faux-Fired?

For senior-level professional women who have been marginalized and are considering resigning because of an untenable situation. For women who are experiencing the symptoms of faux firing or fear for their jobs

First he Fired Me. Then He Did a Handstand

For senior and junior level professional women who work in a culture or for a boss that keeps them up at night and are seeking the tools and humor therapy to better their situations.

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Let me help you through unpredictable mystifying or difficult situations. Use my advice when you need a strategic response to move your own agenda forward. I’ll tell you what to say in specific professional situations so that you come out ahead. I can spot a yes when people think it’s a no. I can tell you what people are really saying to you. I can give you the words to use to get the response you want.

For nearly 40 years I have been persuading CEOs presidents board members philanthropists and colleagues by successfully strategically driving the conversation. I’ve raised more than half-a-billion dollars persuaded hundreds of people to become volunteers and convinced even entrenched departments to implement new systems and hire new staff.

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