A Former Financial Executive

  • Master of transitions: from government to finance to the non-profit sector
  • Consistent theme: trying to make the world better, just in different ways at different times
  • Harvard MBA , Cornell MRP
  • “Faux-Fired,” a.k.a., forced to leave a job in which she had heavily invested

Mimi is an experienced executive with an unusually broad range of experience. Her four decades have included work in the government, finance and the non-profit sectors. A consistent theme has been accurate analysis necessary for effective strategy and communication.


Currently active on two non-profit boards (former President of one, now VP and on Executive Committee; Vice Chair of the other) and as a volunteer on activities of particular interest – women alumni of Harvard Business School, politics and her religious community. Also grateful that live theater is coming back.


Her most recent career was in the nonprofit sector where she was head of fundraising and/or communications for an arts center, a cancer research foundation, a nonprofit that concretely fosters religious understanding, a non-profit college and a major religious foundation.


Prior to non-profits, Mimi worked in finance for twenty years, starting at an investment bank after her graduation from HBS. Her last job was running the US. Structured Finance group for a European bank. The per person profitability of her group was among the highest in the bank and she obtained the bank’s first project finance underwriting mandate .


Before business school, Mimi was a policy analyst and legislative representative for the Governor of Illinois in Springfield and Washington DC. She then moved to the US Department of Energy where she worked on policy and Congressional relations, including overseeing a groundbreaking study of what local and state governments could do to support/encourage energy conservation.


Mimi holds a BA from New College, an Master’s of Regional Planning from Cornell University and an MBA from the Harvard Business School.