Career Blast in a Half: Involuntary Exit – How To Get Through It To Thrive with Robin Merle

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Robin Merle is an author, and keynote speaker who focuses on helping women in leadership navigate career transitions.

Her book, Involuntary Exit, is a bible and has won an award for its insights into the skills professionals need to navigate career transitions successfully.

Robin is on a mission to inspire, lift up, and help women thrive in the face of unplanned career transitions.

Topics for the show:

Dealing with involuntary exits and their emotional impact, finding allies to help heal, and building a support network following an involuntary exitFocusing on the future to moving forward after experiencing involuntary exitsHandling questions about involuntary exits and navigating tough conversationsGenuine interest in others for networking beyond job leads for personal and professional growth

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Mar 15 2023


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