SelfWorks Review : A practical and emotional guide

Robin Merle’s new book Involuntary Exit is a practical and emotional guide to what happens during and after the shocking moment when we are unexpectedly fired — when confusing and frightening emotions boil to the surface and we are overwhelmed by the practical decisions that need to be made, and confused about how to make wholehearted decisions about what is next. She sensitively takes us through various stages of grief: shame, questioning one’s self worth, finding our new identity, and facing forward, not backward. She emphasizes resilience and our capacity to respect and build our self-worth, helps us embrace uncertainty, and guides us as to how we can carve out a more rewarding life. Robin does not shy away from considering the spiritual impact of being fired, and urges us to embrace the process, take the time to understand who we really are, and avoid the tendency to ricochet into something that just isn’t right. This is a must read book for women of all ages, and I am recommending it to clients, family and friends.

– Ann Jeffrey LMSW, Psychotherapist, SelfWorks

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